Tile is an iOS App That Syncs With Wallets, Keys and More to Help Find Them


Losing stuff is the absolute worst. How many times have you missed a movie because you were traipsing through your house looking for an errant wallet or set of keys? Then when you do finally find it, it’s always on top of the television or somewhere ridiculously simple that you should have looked at as soon as you started. Losing our pocket items is one of the more unavoidable mini-tragedies of modern life. Or is it unavoidable? Thanks to a new iOS app and gadget this so-called modern problem will start to be part of the modern-past. Wait, is modern-past a thing? In any event, it’s a cool thing.

Tile is the aforementioned iOS app and it works by coming paired with “tiles” that attach to your precious items. Slap one on your keys, for instance, and that set of keys will always be visible via the app, using GPS. It also lets you know once you are getting close to an item so you won’t waste time searching rooms that you haven’t been in for years(library.) The tiles themselves are light and feature an adhesive strip so they can be stuck to things. This is perfect not only for wallet items but also for expensive items around your house. Because it uses GPS you can team up with police and find that sucker lickedety split.

They are currently available for pre-order and should ship later in the year or, at the latest, early next year. You can get your hands on some for around $20. Here is a video of these tiles doing what they do best, finding stuff.