ThreeForm Fashion is Creating Some Amazing 3D-Printed Accessories


The world of high and unique fashion certainly is no stranger to technology. These wacky designers were among the first to include LED lighting, touchscreen functionality and even more bizarre concepts to their clothing. However, one thing they haven’t tackled, until now, is the 3D-printed plastic elephant in the room. These designers are content to design their frocks and accessories by hand, or with a dreaded sewing machine. However, one company has embraced 3D printers in a big, big way. Introducing the wacky world of ThreeForm Fashion.

Headed up by entrepreneur Aaron Trocola, ThreeForm Fashion specializes in making the unbelievable real and it uses 3D printing technology to get there. The company was originally known for, how can we say, form-fitting undergarments that had a gothic bent and certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination. Nowadays, however, they’ve branched out to innovative skullcaps, corsets and all manner of flights of fancy. Speaking of the skullcap, it uses an interesting design to assure head ventilation even on the hottest of days. ThreeForm’s items are also highly personalized, using the 3D printer to craft an item that fits you and only you. Now your roommate will achieve no benefit from stealing your stuff! That’ll show ’em.

ThreeForm Fashion recently set up shop at New York City’s Maker Faire, which is a showcase for 3D printed technology. The lines were long and the oglers were many. In short, this could be a company to watch out for in the near future. If you are intrigued and want to order one of Trocola’s designs for yourself, head on over to their webpage and let your fingers do the talking.