This Wi-Fi Tooth Sensor Shames You When Overeating or Smoking


Eating a bunch of food in one sitting is fun. Smoking is, kind of, fun. However, both of these things are bad for our rapidly decaying sacks of meat we call our bodies. It’s tough to stop doing them though. That third(and fourth) slice of pizza tastes so good. That third(or twentieth) cigarette tastes awful but feels so good. The wearable technology has had its work cut for it when trying to curb the darker sides of human behavior. Now they are giving it another go by using the one emotion we all seem to respond to, shame! That’s right. It’s a chip that  goes in your tooth that makes you feel bad when you disobey it.

This tooth sensor was developed by scientists at the National Taiwan University and it is a doozy. It not only tracks your overall dental health, but can tell the difference between eating, coughing, smoking, breathing and even talking. It is lodged underneath one of your teeth and is, supposedly, not painful. The sensor is Wi-Fi ready so it can beam information to your smartphone or PC so you can know just how poorly you are living your life. Speaking of living your life poorly, this information comes in the form of shameful charts and graphs. It also tracks how you’ve been doing with the toothbrushing and flossing thing(not very well, we see.)

The creators are working on including Bluetooth in the next iteration so you can be shamed into submission even without the Internet. There is no word on when an army of angry dentists will storm into our homes and demand we install this in our mouths. We’ll let you know, unless they get to us first. Dun dun dun.