This Wetsuit Makes You Totally Invisible to Sharks


Swimming in the vast wonderland we call the ocean can be a great time. There is plenty to explore, after all. There is also plenty of wild life lurking beneath the depths. From poisonous jellyfish to ,uh, sharp coral reefs, under the sea can be a dangerous place. No one creature captures the essence of that danger more than the hungry shark. These beastly hunters are always on the mark for human flesh, and occasionally form together into giant tornados. What can wearable technology do to protect us from their gigantic incisors and lust for blood? Well, quite a lot actually.

Entrepreneurs Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson, working alongside the University of Western Australia, have created a duo of wetsuits specifically made into tricking sharks that you aren’t a tasty human. One of these wetsuits makes you invisible to sharks, using our knowledge of how they navigate the world to our advantage, and the other makes you seem yucky. The former is for deep-sea divers and the latter is for surfers. Now we have all of our bases covered. We can swim in relative safety!

Actual tests with actual ravenously hungry sharks have proven successful so this color-based tech is good to go. However, the wetsuits are still in the prototype phase so they haven’t begun shipping to stores yet. In the meantime, you’ll have to swim while wearing a t-shirt that says “INEDIBLE” on it. That’ll work! Sharks are easily fooled by ironic t-shirts. Everybody knows that. Check out a video below.