This vest actually inflates and hugs you when someone likes your Facebook status


like-a-hug social media vest 1
The world can be a downright dastardly place sometimes. Drought, famine, bad pizza. It seems there is anxiety-inducing danger at each and every turn of this life. We could all use a good hug once in a while. But what if we lead a solitary existence with nothing but the lonely glow of social media lighting our way? Just because we are shut-ins utterly devoid of human contact doesn’t mean we don’t deserve hugs as well. Well now we can get those hugs whenever someone interacts with us in the environ we are most comfortable in, Facebook.

A team of innovative designers have created this vest and code-named it Like-a-Hug. What does it do? Well to be blunt, whenever someone likes anything you post on Facebook(be it status, photo or anything else) the vest inflates and gives you a nice long, but not awkwardly long, hug. You can even use it to send a hug back by deflating it and then inflating it again. Love is grand. The design is based on a similar t-shirt that is being developed by CuteCircuit, only you know, as a vest.

The project was developed at MIT by Melissa Chow, Andy Payne and Phil Seaton. It’s a concept design for now, so if you live near MIT get to the science lab and give it a try. The rest of us will have to continue living the barren hug-less lives we have grown accustomed to. Sigh. Love is…grand?