This Slingshot Condom Applicator Puts the Terror in Safe Sex


We here at Crunchwear quite obviously support safe sex. There is no use in having extra STDs floating around if we can help it. STDs are no fun at all! Actually, that goes for just about any D, no matter the T. Anyways, several months back Bill Gates issued a challenge to the world’s designers. His plea? Help the world by building a better condom. Since his proclamation, inventors from all over have tried their hand at this seemingly simple, yet deceptively difficult, task. To that end, we have one inventor who has indeed built the world a better condom, but at what cost?

German inventor, and slingshot enthusiast, Joerg Sprave is making safe sex safer with a design based on the, you guessed it, slingshot. His Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun does exactly what the name implies, slings a condom on your nether-regions. The action happens quickly so it eliminates the sad fumbling around that guys love so much. This could be the perfect invention for the drunk in your life, providing they aren’t terrified by the prospect of having a an object slung at their privates with the force of a weapon that is occasionally used by guerilla military units.

Of course, this is just a working prototype for now. Check the video below to see the gadget in action, without the use of an actual male member, thankfully. Bill Gates is giving away a cool $100,000 to whoever solves the condom problem, so maybe this will be the one that does. It could stand being a bit gentler though.