This Portable Headphone Amp Could Change You Enjoy Music


Listening to music, or just hearing stuff in general, is one of the most important things we can do. It’s one of our five senses, after all. Even though it’s so important, we always settle for less than stellar sound quality when it comes to consuming entertainment. How many times have you watched a movie on your laptop, leaning in forward in a vain attempt to hear what the characters are saying? How many times have you walked around your neighborhood jamming your favorite album with crappy earbuds. Digital audio converters, or DAC, is a relatively new genre of tech that seeks to make the stuff we listen to sound, well, better.

On today’s docket, we have one called GEEK which may be the lightest and most portable DAC to date. It is essentially a headphone amp and comes in the form of a little dongle that plugs in to whatever you are using via USB. It offers full audio clarity across a wide sonic spectrum. You’ll swear you are listening to music coming out of speakers in the 1970s when using this. It works only with headphones, but any headphones will do(even crappy earbuds.) It even has two jacks if you are the type of cutesie bozo that likes to “share” music with people. Just kidding. That kind of cutesie bozo stuff is our bread and butter.

This portable powerhouse isn’t out yet, but the creators have taken to Kickstarter to make sure it does come out and soon. You can kick in $150 now and ensure your spot at the early adoption table. When they go on sale to consumers, the company says they’ll cost $300. Hey, that’s half off!