This Lingerie is Designed to Protect the Wearer Against Rape


Besides murder and a couple of other things too awful to name, rape is just about the worst thing one human can do to another human. Our society is constantly grappling with this horrible crime, both in how the act affects both the perpetrator and the victim and in how we can change our world at the base level in order to prevent so much of it from happening. Well, the law may be slowly doing its thing but, as we all know, the world of wearable technology works much faster than that. Introducing a piece of lingerie that is designed from the ground up to prevent against rape.

The lingerie was invented by three engineering students at Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University in India. Rape is an even bigger abomination in India than it is in other parts of the world, so there work was needed there more than ever. Here’s how it works. The lingerie is designed to send out brutal shocks to an assailant, were they to attempt an attack on someone wearing it. It’ll shoot out a pulse weighing in at 3800kV. Don’t worry. The lingerie also comes packed in with a polymer lining which is used to protect the wearer from said shock.

That’s not all. Once it has shocked someone, the lingerie automatically alerts authorities with the GPS location of where the attack occurred. It’s basically a twofer, both knocking out the perp then delivering them to the cops. So, it’s basically Spiderman that looks like an undergarment. Speaking of, this is just a working prototype for now and the designers have issued no formal word on whether or not it will enter the commercial sphere.