This heated mousepad keeps your mouse moving and your hands warm


heated mousepad 1
Winter, you are sneaking up on us aren’t you? Normally winter appears with a dull thud, after crawling through Fall after a month or two. Thanks, however, to global warming or the natural shift of the earth or whatever it is your political leanings tell you to believe(Xenu,) winter can now sneak up faster than a ninja in a camouflage factory. What will you do if it happens while you are perusing the Internet? Just freeze to death as you look at Facebook. That would be a definite Internet tragedy.

Thankfully, the company that specializes in making weird stuff is on top of it. Thanko, who we’ve featured many times in the past, has put on their crackpot thinking caps and come up with a, well, heated mousepad. This mousepad not only controls your mouse, as is standard with mousepads. It also, however, warms your hands if winter sneaks up too quickly. The pad props open, allowing room for your hands, which will instantly be warmed through the magic of science. The whole thing works via USB so there is no extra power or cords required. It even cranks up to 120 degrees if your hands are known to get particularly chilly.

That’s pretty much all there is to it, although we suspect this tech could be useful in the burgeoning field of “using frozen hands to activate futuristic fingerprint scanning devices.” Also, the price is right so this could make a good stocking stuffer this Winter. It only costs around $25. Get your cold, frostbitten hands on one here.