This headlamp makes biking safer by projecting information right on to the street

Rasberry Bike Lamp

rasberry bike lamp 1
Long time readers of this site know that bicycles are no stranger to the onward march of wearable technology. This tech usually exists to make biking safer, more fun and just all around cooler. There are bike-friendly gloves to keep your hands warm, chargers that power your phone via your pedals and even a bizarre energy orb that knows if you’ve been lazy. Well, add another one to the growing list. Another astounding, and wearable, invention is set to take cycling to the 21st century.

We all know informational displays, usually featuring GPS, are standard in most vehicles. Cars have em and so do planes. Now, the humble bicycle is about to gets its high tech fix. This snazzy gizmo uses a computer-powered headlamp to gather information about your route and then projects it right on to the street in front of you. There will be no looking away for an instant and then crashing while using this device. This is good because, well, crashing is certainly no fun.

It works mixing an LED projector with various sensors and a Rasberry Pi computer. The whole thing is then packed into a head-mount for easy riding. The headlamp’s display, Matt Richardson, envisions the device being used to read traffic data, gather directions and help you become more visible to nearby automobiles. Of course, something this cool has to have a drawback. This bicycler’s best friend is still only in the working concept stages. We’ll let you know when it is available for purchase. For now, take a gander at a prototype in action. Pretty cool right?