This Handheld 3D Scanner Lets You Digitize Real Objects On the Go


Don’t you ever get fed up with boring 2D representations of 3D objects? Sure that cat looks cute and all, but how can I tell it’s really a cat and not just a paper cutout of a cat? This kind of confusion is part and parcel of Internet life and there seems to be no end to it. A computer screen is just a flat 2D representation of life, after all. Maybe, however, those wacky darlings in the world of high tech can do something about this annoying conundrum. Maybe, just maybe, this will come in the form of a really cool handheld 3D scanner. Oh wait. It’s not just maybe. This thing exists!

Remember the holographic imager from Star Trek? This thing works in a similar way. Introducing the Fuel3D handheld scanner. How does it work? You pull it out of your pocket, point it at an object and then let it do the rest. It will create a perfectly rendered 3D recreation of said object and shoot it to your computer. This is perfect for architects, decorators or anyone else that regularly deal in 3D space. It works in seconds and also exports the image to a 3D printer so you can bring a fake version of a real thing. Now that cute cat can quite literally be everywhere I am. Except most of them won’t purr as they will be made of plastic.

This is seriously the highest of high tech and, as such, expect a hefty pricetag when this releases in July of next year. The makers of the scanner have suggested it will cost around $990 which isn’t so bad considering all of the real world uses you’d get out of this thing. Time to make endless copies of my remote control so it won’t matter if I lose it again.