This free app helps you make the most despicable holiday sweater ever


The holidays are fast approaching, or if you are reading this in the future, have already happened. In that case, how did they go? Did you get that Wii U you wanted? Did I get that Wii U I wanted? In any event, I digress. Nothing says the holidays more than a horrendous, absolutely putrid holiday-themed sweater. The only thing about these despicable, absolutely atrocious monstrosities is sometimes you can’t find one horrid enough. What do you do then? Go to your yearly Christmas party donned in a regular, non-gross sweater? Absolutely not! That’s when you get your hands on this app.

Digital Dudz has created the ultimate, go-to destination for ugly sweater fans. Their new iOS app lets you create one of your own, for free! Here’s how it works. You download the app using Apple’s app store, load up a pre-installed ugly background or even create your own. Then you cut a hole into your favorite blank sweatshirt/sweater and let the screen of your iOS device do the rest. That’s not all it offers, however. You can also load and print out many of the offensive designs so you can put them on your sweater without the need for a paring knife. The video moves though. Iron-ons don’t move(not yet.)

Sure it sounds like a lot of work for what is essentially a silly little prank, but we promise if you jump through the hoops you will be the king or queen of your respective yuletide balls. Heck, you’ll be the Santa. You’ll be better than the Santa! You’ll be the original Jack Frost.