This EEG headset lets you destroy watermelons with the power of your mind


eeg headset 1
Remember back when we were kids and the ‘force’ in Star Wars seemed like the most mystical, magical thing ever invented? Then when the prequels came out and George Lucas ruined all of that childhood goodwill with one simple word: Midi-chlorians. Well, thanks to wearable technology, we may be able to get back the former feeling and forget about the latter feeling for good. Yes. The force might be real and it might just be awesome and completely devoid of miniature creatures.

LVL1, a hackerspace in Louisville Kentucky, has designed this rig that fulfills the fantasies of every Star Wars fan everywhere. By putting on an accompanying EEG headset, looking at an object(watermelon in this case) and concentrating you can blow it to smithereens. You heard that right. You can blow stuff up using the power of your mind. Here’s how it works. The headset is connected to a CO2 cannon. When the EEG sensor notices you are thinking really, really hard it activates the cannon. Voila. Instant melon mush.

Sure this technology will one day lead to a dystopian hellscape, but who cares! For now it’s fun. Instructions to build your own amazing and handy brain explodey device will be available shortly on the LVL1 wiki, but until it’s ready, just watch the video below and imagine all of the people that have wronged you throughout your entire life. They will pay. Oh yes. They will pay dearly.