This Device is a Karaoke Machine You Carry in Your Pocket


Karaoke may be just about the national past time of Japan, but it has been rapidly catching on in other countries as well. Just a decade ago, here in the states, you couldn’t find a bar willing to let you stand on stage and murder Fleetwood Mac. Now just about every bar has a karaoke night. Many people have clunky karaoke machines that they sing along to while hosting parties at home. This is all great! However, you can’t carry a bar or a clunky machine in your pocket. You can, thanks to the magic of wearable tech, now carry a smaller karaoke machine in your pocket.

Introducing Juke, the tiny device that turns your iPhone into a bona fide karaoke machine. You plug it into your phone’s headphone jack and it uses Bluetooth technology to sync up to connectable speaker. There is a microphone at the top of the device that picks up your “perfect” voice and your iOS device’s screen scrolls the lyrics. The rest is fun times history. You can buy a speaker with the device but you can also use just about any Bluetooth-enabled speaker set. They are a dime a dozen nowadays.

This unit is not out yet so, for the time being, you’ll have to just hum along to songs on the radio like back in the olden days. The creator says it will ship in December. You can be an early bird and get in on the sing-song action by sending a few bucks over to their Kickstarter site. Here is a video of people using it to make fools of themselves! Just kidding. Sort of.