This Bra Also Doubles as a Gas Mask(Really)


Underwear. We sure need them. Bras, boxers, briefs or whatever you like to wear are a fact of daily life. It’s a good thing too. Otherwise we’d be showing our butts off to everyone every single time we bent down to pick something up. As it stands we probably do that around half the time anyways. Still, we sure wish that they’d be the recipient of even more cool wearable tech, not that times are lean as it is. Bras, for instance, have been receiving all kinds of wearable technology attention. Here goes another one! Prepare to have your mind blown.

The Emergency Bra is certainly a bra, as in it covers up your bosom all snug and nice like. However, it is much more than that. It doubles as a fully functional gas mask. This, quite obviously, helps keep you safe if you wander into terrain where the air is less than breathable. It was actually designed as a result of the Chernobyl disaster where, yeah, the air was less than breathable. As such, this humble bra received the Nobel Peace Prize. Is this the first gadget in this blog that has received that honor? Yes. Yes it is.

It is available now for purchase. It’s available in sizes 32B to 40C and will set you back around $29. Hit up this website to buy one of your own if you happen to live in an area with less than breathable air(Big city residents.) Check out a video of the bra in action, but note, it is absolutely safe for work.