This Beautiful Timepiece is Made Exclusively From Wood


We are poised to enter a new era, a time filled with timepieces that do not take their time to do a variety of amazing and timely things. In short, we have entered the age of the smart watch. As soon as the Pebble watch became a blip on the radar, other companies started following suit. Now Apple purportedly has their own in production. The same goes for Samsung, Microsoft and just about every other bigwig tech company out there. What about regular old watches though? Don’t we still long for beautiful pieces of machinery that simply tell time? There is still room for innovation on that front, as well.

A Ukrainian carpenter named Valerii Danevych has used natural talent for manipulating big pieces of wood into smaller and aesthetically pleasing pieces of wood to make a rather striking timepiece. That’s right. He has made a watch entirely out of wood. Just one look at this thing and it recalls some kind of fever dream of steampunk past and steampunk future. In other words, it looks really, really cool. It tells time like a champ and, well, doesn’t do a whole lot else. The “smart” in this watch refers to how pretty it is. Beauty and brains? Marry me!

Mr. Danevych will be making his wooden watches available for purchase, but you’ll have to order one from his website. Also, you may need to be bilingual as the site is not at all in English. In the coming weeks, as the site is further prepared, expect an English version however. Then, and only then, will you be able to wrap one of these bad boys around your wrist. Just don’t let any woodpeckers near it.