ThinkGeek’s Electric Guitar Bag is a playable, functional rock monster


We all know ThinkGeek loves putting playable instruments in the weirdest of places. Up until now, though, they’ve relegated their fetish to clothing. Well, the beat just cannot be stopped. The company has transitioned the tech over to their first carrying bag.

ThinkGeek’s Electric Guitar Bag is the perfect storage container for a laptop or whatever else you carry around with you in your day-to-day. The hook, of course, is that handsome looking electric guitar on the outside. That guitar is playable. The accompanying distortion pedal is usable. It’s like Eddie Van Halen if Eddie was a messenger bag and not an actual dude.

It is released on August 28th. How much will all of this rocking set you back? Just $50, which is cheaper than even those crappy Walmart guitars.