ThinkGeek Pet Pedometer lets you know if your pup is perky or passive


thinkgeek pet pedometer 1
Here at Crunchwear we love animals. We hold on to a firm belief that not just humans should reap the pleasures of wearable technology. Animals should get to sport some snazzy tech too! We may be far from living in the kind of world where dogs and cats send text messages via smartglasses, but we can at least improve the lives of our dearest furry companions in other ways. For one, we can make sure they get their daily amount of exercise in. We want our dogs living to the ripe old age of 112 16, after all.

The wizards over at Thinkgeek have crafted a way for us humans to make sure our dogs are getting their exercise in. Their Pet Pedometer is, well, a pedometer made for pets. It is light and hangs loosely from their collar. They’ll never even know it’s there! It tracks up to 99,999 steps so no matter how far your pets go, you’ll be able to see what they’ve been up to. If the pedometer registers barely any steps at the end of the day that means its time to start working up a new fitness routine for that lazy pupster. Earn your keep, dog!

The coolest part of the Pet Pedometer? It clocks in at the doggone great price of $9.99. That’s cheaper than most human pedometers, if you are keeping track(which is what pedometers do, da dum dum.) You can get it now by cruising on over to ThinkGeek. It even comes with a battery that is said to last for a few years. That’s over twenty dog years.