The WearIT Sports Smartwatch



The smartwatch seems to be becoming more and more a part of the future of technology, with a large number of models and rumored models in the works. One company aims to “sportify” the smart watch. That company is WearIT, and they’re creating a product of the same name.

The aim of the WearIT is to be a sports watch. Sure, it has smart features, but it’s still a smartwatch for sports, and as such is looks like a sports watch. But it’s really what’s under the hood that counts.

The first thing to note about the WearIT is that it’s powered by Android 4.1. This fact is really what makes it a powerful little machine, and one that really can be considered a “smartwatch”. The fact that it is Android powered also allows the watch to be expandable, and you can add apps to the watch, and even develop your own to enhance you WearIT experience. Of course the Android version installed on the watch is a custom one, and you won’t be able to install any Android app on the watch, but instead you will be able to download apps from the WearIT app store.

The WearIT also features a 1.54 inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. It has 4GB of onboard storage, and has just about all the “ometers” you could ask for – it has a pedometer, an accelerometer and a magnetometer. It also has a compass and GPS capabilities.

Unlike other smartwatches, the WearIT cannot be paired with your smartphone to give you notifications. Despite this, it still does have Bluetooth capabilities, which allows you to stream music using Bluetooth headphones, and it has ANT+ connectivity so that you can connect to other sports and health devices such as heart rate monitors and blood glucose meters. Not only that, but the device also has WiFi connectivity for things like downloading apps. You can also collect data on the activities that you do with the watch, and share this data with your friends.

The WearIT is waterproof, allowing you to take it into the shower, swimming, and so on. It also comes in a range of colors, allowing you to get the one which most suits you.

The WearIT is possible the first smartwatch specifically for sports, although other smartwatches are starting to have capabilities that could be used for sports. It’s a powerful little device, and one definitely worth considering for those of you in the market for a new sports watch.