The Voyager Legend: One Headset to Rule Them All


Because it is traditionally dangerous to use a cell phone while driving, and because it is easy to talk to friends with a hands-free device, Bluetooth headsets have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Unfortunately, these devices have a great deal of limitations, and most don’t even alert the wearer of an incoming call. The Voyager Legend aims to change that by introducing a range of smart capabilities to a headset. Bluetooth is of course, a short-range communication protocol utilized by most smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Bluetooth essentially allows two separate enabled devices to communicate with each other and share data.


Traditional Bluetooth Headsets

Traditionally, Bluetooth headsets have a single monaural earpeace which is generally capable of only hands free phone calls. If they are able to play music at all, the sound quality and volume are usually very low. Plantronics, however, has broken that mold with the Voyager Legend, a brilliant little device that is touted by the company as the world’s smartest headset.

What Makes the Voyager Legend Special

plantronics-voyagerlegend-user-outside-lgUnlike many traditional Bluetooth headsets, the Plantronic Voyager Legend is considered a smart headset, capable of performing multiple tasks with either a tap of a button or voice commands. For instance, if the user happens to already be wearing the headset when a call comes in, the headset will announce, in the wearers ear, who is calling. It will then wait for the wearer to respond with a voice command letting the device know whether it should answer the call or ignore it.

Because of the Voyager Legend’s unsurpassed sound clarity, it can also be used to listen to music from the cell phone through the Bluetooth connection. If a call comes in while listening to music, the music will automatically be paused and the call will be announced. If the user is not currently wearing the headset when a call comes through, however, the device’s smart sensor technology is able to automatically answer the call by simply placing the headset on the ear.

By tapping the voice button on the device, a range of other options become available. For instance, the user can tap the button and issue a voice command to check the battery’s current charge level and Bluetooth connection status. The Plantronics Voyager Legend also includes a feature called Vocalyst, which allows the wearer to speak voice commands to check email and news feeds, as well as simply say Facebook to automatically post a message to the popular social networking site. For the busy professionals, the device can also be used to record memos and reminders.

Voyager Legend Technical Details

The Voyager legend, while on the surface appearing like many other Bluetooth headsets, actually has some great technical details that really make it stand out from the crowd. Unlike most headsets, the Plantronics Voyager Legend can actually pair with two separate cell phones at once, with the ability to answer calls from either one. It features a long lasting battery capable of 7 hours constant use, with an estimated 11 day standby time, and using a magnetic charger for recharging the built in battery. Compatible with most tablets and mobile phones, the Voyager Legend also offers superb sound via digital signal processing noise cancellation and stainless steel windscreens to reduce wind noise.


Voyager Legend Accessories and Apps

A number of accessories are available for the Voyager Legend, from charging cases and cables, to a complete desktop charging dock, replacement ear tips and a USB bluetooth dongle for connecting to other compatible devices. An app is also available for devices running Android 3.0 and above, which enables the user to send a tone to the headset to locate it if it has been misplaced, or to track usage on a map via a BackTrack feature. The device’s settings can be changed using an online Updater tool as well.