The Urwerk UR-103T – A Watch Based on a Tarantula



At CrunchWear, we love watches. Be it smartwatches, digital watches, analog watches, or any other kind of watch, we’re always looking for the latest information on what’s coming in the world of watches. One company has been creating some very fascinating watches over the years, like the Urwerk EMC, a watch we wrote about a while back that presents watchmakers with a new way to ensure that watches stay on time. Another watch that Urwerk has created is called the Urwerk UR-103T.

The Urwerk UR-103T is, like the title of this article suggests, based on a tarantula. That’s right, the guys down at Urwerk based one of their watches on those huge hairy spiders that you might know from things like your nightmares. Regardless, the result is simply stunning. The watch bezel itself comes in either white gold or red gold, both of which look incredible, and the back case of the watch is in titanium. The watch face is a little different from regular watches, and it might take a little while to get used to the new way of telling the time, but it looks spectacular nonetheless. Despite looking simply incredible, the watch is a little bulky, being a little more than half an inch thick and almost two inches long. This is a small price to pay however for a watch that looks this great.

Not only is the design of the watch absolutely beautiful, but the inner workings of the watch are top notch as well. The central element of the watch is made out of an extremely stable combination of copper and nickel called ARCAP, which wraps around the hour satellites to protect them. The watch is also pressure tested to 3 ATM. The UR-103T is manually wound, and the watch also has a power reserve indicator so that you know how much is left in the watch before it has to be rewound. This indicator is found on the back of the watch, and is found among two dials for setting the watch.

The UR-103T is a work of art. It screams class, but unfortunately also comes with a price tag that, like the tarantulas, is also a thing of nightmares. However, if you happen to have 70,000 dollars lying around, this could be the watch for you.