The Urwerk EMC – A Watch That Knows the Time



Sometimes our watches simply cannot stay on time. Sometimes they run out of batteries and have to be reset, or sometimes they just don’t work the way they’re supposed to. Well, that could all be over now with the development of a new product called the Urwerk EMC, a watch that knows when it’s not on time.

The way it works is rather complicated. Basically, when you press a button on the watch, it triggers a sensor that times the oscillations of the balance wheel for around 3 seconds. It then calculates an average rate and compares this to an extremely precise oscillator that has a frequency of 16,000,000Hz. It can determine any difference of time within 10 microseconds, and through this can determine exactly how many seconds or minutes you are off.

Not only can it detect the right time, but after the right time is set, it can maintain the right time better than other watches. To do this, Urwerk designed a special balance wheel that does not corrode. It is made out of a non-magnetic alloy called ARCAP, and this ensures that time is not lost.

The watch doesn’t even use a battery. Instead a hand turned generator is used. This is used in conjunction with a reserve power that can last up to 80 hours.

The watch isn’t yet for sale, but it is reported to be completely functional. All that has to happen now is that the researchers have to find a way to shrink all the parts down to fit into a watch. When the watch does finally hit the market, it is expected to be a pretty limited edition, and will also be rathe pricey. That’s the cost you pay to stay on time!