The Suunto Core – A Sports Watch With Core Features



Suunto has come out with a number of great sports watches, including the great Suunto Ambit 2. These watches normally are equipped with GPS features in order to maximize the use of the watch. But what if the GPS feature was removed? How much of a difference would it make on such a watch? That’s exactly what Suunto has done with the Sunnto Core – A sports watch that strips unnecessary features away, and only includes the necessary core features.

Despite the fact that the Suunto Core is lacking in a number of features that many people might want, the watch still has a good selection of features available. It even includes the use of a compass, thermometer and a barometer which can give a storm warning when it senses a rapid drop in air pressure. Not only that but the Suunto Core also records altitude gains and losses and can display them on a graph, which should be appealing to people who are into things like mountain climbing and skiing.

The fact that the Suunto Core lacks certain features could actually be a good thing for certain people who don’t necessarily need these features as the lack of GPS greatly helps the battery last much longer. Instead of having to replace the battery in a matter of days, which would be the case with GPS, the Suunto Core should last up to a year on a standard CR2032 battery.

Apart from these features it’s possible to set three alarms on the watch to let you know of changes in altitude. It will also show sunrise and sunset times if you set the watch to your location. Not only that but it is also completely waterproof for those swimming situations and if you forget to take it off in the shower.

While the Suunto Core really does only include certain core features, that might be all some people need, and the extra battery life could make this watch very worth while. Not only that but it comes at a reasonable price of $299.