The SmartWatch Vs The Smartphone



The Smartwatch is certainly an item on many peoples lists, and it seems like every day we get new information about a new smartwatch. Despite this, there are many skeptics out there wondering if the smartwatch really is to become a key part of our technological lives, and wondering what the real purpose of the smartwatch is. It is true that smartwatches certainly have blown up, however it is also true to say that they have not yet taken over the smartphone. One question that is on many peoples lips is “will the smartwatch ever take over the smartphone?”. Here is why it might.

There is no denying that the smartwatch can be a lot of fun. Many of them have their own apps and games which can be very entertaining. But the real use of the smartwatch is not it’s fun factor. In fact we can go ahead right now and say that you can have a lot more fun on your smartphone with a bigger screen and better hardware capabilities. The real use of a smartwatch is its accessibility. Instead of having to reach into your pocket to access your smartphone, you can check the time and your notifications right from your wrist. Not only is it easier and saves time, but it can also help eliminate old habits of constantly having to check your phone in order to see the time or see if you have any notifications. This can help you focus less on being obsessed with your cyber life, and concentrate on more important things.

Not only is the smartwatch a lot easier to access, but it is also a lot harder to lose. This could end up saving you a lot of money, especially for those people who have a knack for losing things. If something is strapped to your wrist it will be a lot harder to lose it. You could completely forget about it. Which could be a problem if it isn’t waterproof. Thankfully, many smartwatches are at least water resistant, which is important, and another advantage over smartphones.

While smartwatches have a number of advantages over smartphones, they also have a number of disadvantages, especially when compared to smartphones. One of the biggest things that smartphones have over smartwatches is screen size. Smartwatches have a much smaller screen, and hence it can be a lot harder to do things like play games and surf the web. Smartwatches also have more limited hardware capabilities because of the fact that they are smaller than smartphones, and hence power is compromised for size. Despite this, advances in technology are proving to be great for smartwatch companies, and we should see more advanced smartwatch technology being released rather frequently. However, smartphone technology is also advancing, and it would be surprising if smartwatch technology was ever on the same level as smartphone technology. For the average user however, the power that smartwatches can or will be able to provide should be sufficient.

Another problem with current smartwatches is the fact that they currently really don’t run as standalone devices. More often than not, smartwatches only work to their full potential when used in conjunction with a smartphone. A smartwatch cannot be used to make calls on its own, but some smartwatches can make calls through Bluetooth connectivity with their smartphone. Because of this, for now at least, the question isn’t about whether someone should use a smartwatch or smartphone, but if they should use both devices.

For now at least, smartwatches are used mainly to enhance smartphone use, and to allow people receive their notifications in the most efficient way possible. However, it is not inconceivable for smartwatches to be used as standalone devices in the near future, and for them to be able to make calls, take photos, and so on. Just look at the concept design of the Emopulse Smile. It can make calls, take calls, connect to WiFi, and it even has 3 cameras built in to it – more than the average smartphone. But, the technology isn’t there yet. Will the rumored iWatch change all that? Only time will tell!