The Powered Jacket MK3 Electromechanical Exoskeleton Turns You Into a Mech


If you were to picture a gruff, male voice introduce a movie preview with the words “in a world…” you would most likely think something fantastical was about to happen. Perhaps aliens were about to invade or Will Smith and his son would return to Earth after doing, well, something. You could potentially, thanks to the forthcoming feature Pacific Rim, think that you were about to see humans donning mech suits set to do battle with giant monsters. That kind of thing wouldn’t possibly exist though right? Welcome to the magical world of wearable technology, where anything is possible.

Sagawa Electronics has been quietly slaving away on their Powered Jacket line of exoskeletons for a while now. They have since unveiled their MK3 Electromechanical Exoskeleton, a wonder of both form and function. The aluminum and carbon fiber exoskeleton is over 7 feet tall, weighs 55 pounds and, as seen above, can be worn by schoolgirls. As far as function goes, you can use it to lift up gigantic boulders to fling at your enemies. In all seriousness, it is actually set to be used by disabled individuals complete normal, every day tasks.

As far as production goes, the company has only committed to making five of these bad boys for now. There is no word on pricing but, come on, look at this thing. It is going to be expensive. Hopefully we’ll all live long enough to see two of these do battle on the field of combat. Here is a video of the suit in action.