The PIP Biosensor Helps You Get Some Much Needed Relaxation


Stress, otherwise scarily known as the silent killer, can be a real drag. It can make you break into the sweats or even mutter nonsense to yourself like you are channeling Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes. Technology, wearable tech in particular, has been on the cutting edge of trying to eradicate this beast from our daily lives. There are all sorts of sensors out there in the market that let us monitor and track our relative stress levels. Of course, most of these do so via a series of boring charts and graphs. We are a tech-heavy world now. We need games! Did we say games?

Introducing the PIP, a tiny biometric sensor that interacts with your smartphone, tablet or gaming device to track and eliminate stress via the sweet, sweet magic of video games. This little jobbie can fit easily fit in your pocket and travel alongside you as you deal with life’s little annoyances. Some of the games, including a flying game called Relax & Race, are based on decreasing your stress level. The more you relax, the better you do at the game. Now your competitive bloodlust and inner Buddha can finally hang out without beating the crap out of one another!

Admittedly, this is a strange device. The designers have taken to Kickstarter in order to find enough like-minded people to help get production going. If you act now, you can get your very own PIP for around $80. You had better hurry, but not too much because that could cause a stress of its own.