The Orsto Plus+ SmartWatch – The First Truly Smart Watch



There seems to be something missing with most smart watches. No matter how much we want it to happen, most smart watches simply aren’t as good as smartphones. And with good reason too – smartwatches simply aren’t big enough to accommodate for all the complex hardware that can be fit into a smartphone case. Smartwatches are also not designed to function like smartphones. Well there’s one product that is coming out that aims to change all of that. Introducing the Orsto Plus+ – the world’s first smartwatch that can work as both a standalone device, or a smartphone accessory.

A number of tech giants are supposed to be entering the smartwatch industry in the coming months. Companies like Microsoft and Apple both have rumored devices that we will likely see in the near future. But the Orsto Plus+ has beat them to it, and it’s one device that will be hard to beat as far as functionality goes.

Up until now most smartwatches have also really only been devices that extend smartphone capabilities. They essentially connect to your smartphone and give you your notifications. Many of them even go as far as being able to make or take calls from your smartphone on your smartwatch through Bluetooth. The Orsto aims to make that a thing of the past. Why shouldn’t your watch be able to act as a standalone device? Well the people at Orsto say that it should!

The fact that the watch can connect to your smartphone or act as a standalone device is a big step foreword in smartwatch technology. It’s one of the world’s first devices that can do that! Hopefully we’ll start to see more devices like that in the near future.

The watch is Android based and can do almost everything that a smartphone can do. It can make and take calls, use the internet, play music and videos, and even be used as a GPS. Not only that but it also uses a touchscreen and voice controls to further make the watch versatile and useful.

Other specifications of the watch include the use of Bluetooth 2.o as well as Near Field Communications, and even a 5 megapixel camera. Furthermore, it is expected that Orsto will update some of the hardware and software that is compatible with the device and allow for Android 4.0 as well as a 1.2GHz processor, which should make this watch even more appealing.