The O2 Magnetic Dumbbell – A Wearable Gym



We’re always finding new and improved ways to work out and get fit – Just look at the amount of machines that exist in your local gym, often to achieve the same results that you could get from running or doing pushups. Students in South Korea have developed a new system, which aims to eliminate the need for different equipment for each exercise. It’s called the O2 Magnetic Dumbbell, and it is certainly a very interesting system indeed.

The O2 Magnetic Dumbbell relies on, you guessed it, magnets to function properly. Essentially the system is comprised of two magnetic armbands per arm – so four in total if you’re using both arms. One armband is located above your shoulder, and one below. The wearer can then switch the polarities of the magnets based on the exercise they’re performing. Furthermore, the wearer can change the amount of resistance in the magnets, which gives the wearer the impression of heavier or lighter dumbbells. The settings on the devices range from 3kg to 24kg, providing the full extent of weight that you’ll need for your workout.

The devices can also help your workout in other ways. For example, they keep track of your repetitions so that you can concentrate more on working out, and you won’t lose count of how many repetitions you’ve done.

Not only are the features of the devices great, but they’re also very small and light, making them highly transportable and easy to store when you’re not using them.

The devices can help you perform almost any exercise involving the arm imaginable. And it’s all in one small and easily transportable system. It seems that the three designers behind the project - Suhyun Yoo, Hongseok Kim and Juhyeon Lee of Kookmin University, are onto a winner with this system! Check out the pictures below to find out more!