The Myo Bracelet – Gesture Control For Your Devices


If you pay attention to new technology then chances are you might have heard of the Myo. If not, prepare to be astounded, because the technology used in the Myo isn’t really something that most of us would expect to see, or at least not in this century. The armband, which wraps around the forearm to measure the electronic signals in your muscles, and then translate that movement into digital signals. Essentially, it lets you wirelessly control your TV, your tablet, or your phone, using a gesture. Wait? What? Yes, it does exactly what it says it does. You can game, flip through channels, or turn up your volume using a gesture. Best of all, it only costs $149, or some half the price of the Galaxy Gear.


What Is the MYO

The MYO is essentially a one size fits all armband that straps around your forearm to snugly press against your muscles. It then uses sensors to create a digital signal to your arm so that you can use gesture control. The entire process is somewhat similar to other technologies like Kinect, but rather than using a sensing device and a tracking device, the MYO simply uses one device and an app. It does have competitors in the form of Leap Motion, and Tobii Eye Tracking, but these devices are not quite as flexible or versatile. While the MYO itself does not ship until early 2014, developers can already download the toolkit and begin integrating the MYO into their own aps. Most importantly, because the MYO translates with devices over Bluetooth 4.0, it’s perfect for using with a wide range of devices like TVs, the Oculus Rift, Canon’s Mixed reality, Google Glass, and even RC devices that use Bluetooth. Essentially, while it’s not the only device of it’s kind out there, it’s one of the most flexible.


How Does It Work

The MYO wraps around the antebrachial cutaneous muscles to measure electronic pulses and signatures from the muscles as well as motion sensing to translate information to the screen. Built in technology includes a unique on/off gesture that is unlikely to be duplicated by accident so that owners do not accidentally modify their devices while waving their hands around in the air. Because it measures movements from your arm muscles, which happens slightly before your hand moves, the MYO also tends to anticipate your moves, reacting at the same time your hands move rather than afterwards.


Getting It

If you think the MYO sounds like the coolest thing ever then you’re not alone. Thalmic Labs, who are selling the MYO, have already sold more than 25,000 pre-orders, and are still taking more. The MYO will ship world wide so wherever you are, you can actually go and pre-order it now to get updates, more information, and of course, a Myo when they start to ship out to your country. At $149, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to wow all of your friends, and pretend you’re Tony Stark all at once.

What do you think? Best gadget ever? Or just sort of cool?