The Motorola Moto X – Does It Hold The Key To The Future of Google Glass?



The release of the new Motorola Moto X smartphone is a big one in many peoples minds. It’s Motorola’s first release in almost a year, and their first release since they were bought by Google. While the Moto X itself is not a wearable device, many people can see some striking similarities between it and Google Glass, and some even think that the Moto X could be giving us a hint as to what the future of Google Glass will look like.

The first thing we can note about the new phone is that it has an always on voice feature, exactly like Google Glass. The phone is always listening. This is obviously a feature that Google likes, and one that is sure to be a part of their future releases, including future wearable devices. The fact that Google did it once means they were experimenting with it, but now that they’ve done it twice we can see a trend.

Google Glass is a very smart piece of technology. It is always listening, and can activate features very quickly after you give it the command to. The Moto X is the same way. In fact, the people at Motorola have said that the Moto X would be perfect with a Bluetooth device attached to it. That device could be Google Glass, but imagine if it was something else. There is any number of wearable devices that could be controlled through using the voice command feature of the Moto X. Glasses, watches, the list goes on.

The release of the Moto X could ironically be the start of a new era of wearable technology. It means that anything that is connected to it can be controlled via a simple voice command. Exactly like Google Glass.