The LED Designer Dress


LED gown
When it comes to wearing your tech few things scream the words, “I am here. I am stylish and yes my dress does light up,” quite like doing it in couture. One design house is making designer dresses that give you lights wherever you go. That company is CuteCircut, and as you can imagine they specialize in making clothes that are both cute and technologically oriented. One of their best offerings, at least in the women’s selection, is the Twirkle Dress.

The company describes the dress, and its technology, in the following terms, ” Long sleeve dress with LED Technology that reacts to the body movements creating sparkles, glows and twinkles. This shiny amazing effect is emphasised by the crystals that decorate the Twirkle Dress. Powered by a rechargeable long-life battery; it recharges easily via USB from your computer to be always ready for you.”

For now the dress comes in three sizes, eight, ten and twelve and it takes about a month to ship. So just be aware that you can’t order it for a party on Friday night. It comes in three colors, black, a bright pink and a hot lime green. It will set you back about £280.00 if you’re ready to buy. Trust me, compared to the £1,500.00 K-Dress this is a steal.