The Laptop Compubody Sock lets you cruise the net in private


You know what the worst part is about owning and using a laptop? The greedy little eyes of the people looking over your shoulder to peep at everything you are looking at. They need to give you a break! So what if you regularly spend hours a time reading and memorizing Miley Cyrus lyrics? That is your business and nobody else’s. There should be something wearable, like a huge sock you put over both your head and your laptop so you can peruse your favorite websites in totally privacy. Oh wait. There is.

Introducing the Laptop Compubody Sock. This, um, sock goes over both your computer and your body(thus the name.) It was designed and created by Becky Stern as part of a knitting project for Instructables. It may look like something a Dr. Seuss character would wear but it also works like a champ. Once you throw this bad boy on, you’ll be able to look at any old website you want with nobody being the wiser. Just think of all of the possibilities, and no we don’t mean porn. Seriously! Get your mind out of the gutter.

Now the bad news. No, it doesn’t turn invisible once in a while thus revealing your dirty little e-secrets. However, it isn’t available for purchase anywhere and isn’t likely to be. Becky Stern does give detailed instructions on how to knit one for yourself though. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some yarn and get started! We’ll be sure to prepare some saucy blog posts for you to read safely in private.