The Kite Patch Makes You Completely Invisible to Mosquitoes


It’s summer time and the living is easy. We can go camping with our friends, lounge out by the pool or just take a stroll through the woods. All of three of these things are awesome, but all three of these things come with equipped with one annoying thing. That’s right, having to be around other people mosquitoes. Bloodthirsty mosquitoes are annoying at best and harborers of horrible diseases at worst. There must be something the wearable technology industry can do to get rid of these pests and let us enjoy our summers in relative peace. Outdoor enthusiasts, you are in luck.

Introducing the Kite Patch. This wearable patch makes you invisible to the hungry little varmints. It was developed by Grey Frandsen, Michelle Brown and Torrey Tayanaka of Olfactor Laboratories and the tech is based on the findings of researcher Anandasankar Ray and his colleagues at University of California Riverside. It works by using a series of chemicals that muck up a mosquitoes receptors. Mosquitoes don’t see in the usual way and, much like other bugs, use their olfactory systems to find food. This renders those systems useless and so they move on. Now, if only this existed for bed bugs.

The Kite Patch isn’t available yet but they’ve taken to Indiegogo to help fund their creation. They’ve already blown through their requested amount, which proves one thing. People really, really hate mosquitoes. Can you blame them? They suck our blood! Here is a video of the patch in glorious mosquito-hating action.