The Garmin Approach S3 – The REAL Golfers Watch



Last week, we introduced you to the Garmin Approach S2, a watch for golfers, the athletes that are often forgotten in the tech world. Little did we known however, that there was another Golfers watch by Garmin in the mix. Introducing the Garmin Approach S3, the next step up from the Garmin Approach S2.

As the name suggests, the Garmin Approach S3 is the Approach S2’s big brother. And as such, it includes many of the same features, often improved.

Like the Approach S2, the Garmin Approach S3 is a GPS watch that displays yardages, scorecards, and so on. The watch comes preloaded with tens of thousands of golf courses – in fact you can definitely assume that your favorite courses are loaded onto the watch. And, if they aren’t, perhaps because they are new courses, you can assume that they will be available in an update. Garmin promises to continue to update golf courses, and they also promise that these updates will be free.

One great feature in the Approach series is the scorecard feature, which promises to be great, and eco-friendly. You can even use the “Measure Shot” feature of the watch to see how far you hit the ball.

So, what makes the Approach S3 better than the S2, I hear you say? Good question. First of all, the Approach S3 includes a touch screen so that you won’t have to rely on the buttons on the side of the watch to navigate through the menus. Secondly, the Approach S3 has double the screen resolution of the S2, with the Approach S3 having 128×128 pixels. Next, the Approach S3 allows for much better customization of courses, such as the ability to place points such as water. And finally, the Approach S3 certainly has a sleeker, more refined look. The real question is whether these features will be worth the bigger price tag, but that’s personal.

Overall, the Garmin Approach S3 is certainly a great addition to any golfers kit., and it’s available in two different color options – white with red trim, or black with grey trim. While it is also better than the S2 without question, the extra features may not be worth the extra cost, so that is something that people in the market for a golfers watch will have to look at for themselves. Despite this, as mentioned before the Approach S3 is a great piece of equipment, and one that fills a niche in the market – golfers watches.

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