The Bendable Smartphone/Smartwatch



As technology gets more and more advanced, we can start to expect more from it. Not only that but we get more and more gadgets and devices, and we sometimes can’t keep tabs on all of them. Well that’s what South Korean designer Jeabyun Yeon aims to avoid with his latest design – a bendable smartphone that can bend into a smartwatch.

He calls it the “Limbo”, and it’s a total of 6.1mm thick. The most obvious feature of this phone is that it can bend, being made out of TPU, which is a hybrid of plastic and silicon. The device, Yeon says, would be made out of 3 hard and 2 flexible modules.

The great thing about this idea is that it can cut down on the devices you would need to own. Instead of having to own both a smartphone and a watch, you could simply own this device. And, maybe one day in the future, it might even be able to replace your camera. Unfortunately, if this device were to go into production it would likely end up being a little on the bulky side.

This device seems like a thing of the distant future, but Samsung is reportedly already experimenting with flexible displays. In fact, Apple might even be working on their own flexible displays. Who knows we might even see devices like this in the next couple of years!