The Agent Smart Watch by Secret Labs


Agent 2
It seems like every single day a new smart watch is announced, or new information about smart watch technology is released. Well here’s a new product that’s causing a splash in the smart watch world. Like the great Pebble, the ultra successful smart watch that raised over $10 million, Kickstarter funds this new product. It’s called the Agent, by Secret Labs.

One of the things that makes the Agent special is its use of a low power LCD display, with a 128×128 pixel resolution. The combination of the low power display and the watches power management system means a very eco friendly watch. In fact, the people down at Secret Labs claim the watch can last 7 days under normal use, or up to 30 days in watch face only mode.

Other features of the Agent include an accelerometer, a vibrating motor, and the ability to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. It also supports Android, iOS AND Windows Phone 8, which is great because Windows Phone has been left out quite a bit with new smart watch products. Furthermore, the Agent uses light sensors, and the combination of light sensors and motion sensors like the accelerometer means that the watch can be used as a pedometer or even a sleep tracker, making this watch a health monitoring watch as well.

Not only is the watch very power friendly, but it is also quite powerful for a smart watch. The Agent sports dual processors, with a 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor along with an AVR co-processor.

The Agent also doesn’t need to be plugged in to charge, but instead uses a Qi Charging Pad. The future of charging. Not only is this charging method convenient, but it has also allowed for a much more water resistant design, though we do not yet know the specifications of exactly how water resistant the watch is.

As of right now, the Agents design is finished and the initial funding is complete. It is available in two different designs, and the straps of the watch are replacable allowing for extra customization. The Agent is expected to start shipping in December, and you can get your very own watch from the Agent Kickstarter.