Thanko’s USB Shoe Foot Cooler quite obviously does what the name implies


USB Foot-Cooler-1
Keeping your piggies warm is one of the great necessities of life. A wise man once said “a temperate toe leads to a temperate life.” Ok, that was my Uncle Ernie after two bottles of wine but, hey, he is wise in his own way. Regardless of the amount imbibed by dear old Uncle Ernie, he was definitely on to something. When our feet are freezing, it feels as though the rest of us is freezing as well. It is of paramount importance we do our best to keep those feet warm. We need them, after all. Luckily wearable technology is all over this problem.

Introducing Thanko’s USB Shoe Foot Cooler, a foot cooling device that sits snugly in your shoe and is powered via USB. This multi-purpose USB-powered cooler keeps your shoes, socks and feet cool through an air tube that secures itself to your leg and then makes its way into your shoes. At the other end of the tube is a small pump that blows cooling air at either high or low settings. Even cooler? It doesn’t need a PC or laptop to power itself. Cold weather waits for no man and, thus, this device can be powered via a smartphone.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering. You can also use the device as an armpit cooler. To be fair, however, armpits kind of have their own natural warming functionality given their location. Any other wacky uses for this device? According to the manufacturer it can also blow up a beach ball in just ten minutes. Not Bad. You can keep your feet, armpits and beach ball snug for just $39.

USB Foot-Cooler-2