Thanko Water Camera is a pair of underwear video goggles


Thanko makes some weird stuff. They also make some really useful stuff, as made evident by the company’s new Water Camera. This handy-dandy pair of sea-goggles takes video underwater. It’s time to finally release your inner Jacques Cousteau.

The goggles feature a 2MP CMOS camera, 4MB internal memory, and a USB 2.0 port. It shoots video in 1280×960 resolution (AVI) and pictures in 2560×1920 (JPEG). It even comes with a remote control. See that ring the hand is holding in the photo above? That’s it. It lets you turn the camera on and off with virtually no effort. Just touch the darned thing.

Thanko is selling the goggles on its Japanese website for $99. What are you waiting for? Stupid fish videos are the new stupid cat videos.