TGT Wallet is a super small way to squeeze money into your pocket


tgt wallet 1
In this modern age everything keeps shrinking(except the iPhone.) Computers are now minuscule compared to their supercomputer brethren. Super sized meals at fast food restaurants are a thing of the past And pants? Pants are skinnier than ever, which leads us to the problem. How can you stuff a fat wallet in a pair of skinny jeans? It’s not physically possible and, even if you manage to poke and prod it down the pipe, you are likely looking at some discomfort. Why deal with all of that? Why not shrink wallets like everything else in the universe?

Hold on to your tiny hats, this is finally happening. A designer named Jack Sutter is ready to foist his TGT Wallet on the masses. TGT stands for “tight” in case you haven’t figured it out by now, in that this wallet is so tight you are gonna be telling all of your friends about it. Wait, or something like that. There are two versions of the wallet heading into production, the standard TGT 1.0 which is made from high quality elastic and the classier TGT 2.0 which is made from fine Italian leather. Hey, less real estate means fewer Italian cows hurt! Mooma mia(sorry.)

Keep on holding on to those teeny hats, though. The wallets aren’t quite ready for mass consumption. Sutter has, however, successfully funded the project via Kickstarter. How successful? Well it has a few weeks left to go and it’s already accrued over six times the requested amount. With that said, you can be sure to start finding these in stockings everywhere in the next couple of months.