Textronics Heart Rate Monitor DIY Kit


Textronics, a leader in textile sensor technology, is now offering a DIY kit for people interested in developing heart rate monitoring textiles.  This marks the first time that Textronics is offering and official kit for purchase.

The Developers Kit offer 12 textile sensors, a variety of knit tubes, wrist cuffs and chest straps.  Additionally they include conductive thread and 2 transmitters with the kit.  These transmitters are compatible with most analog heart rate monitors like Polar.

The kit which sells for $100.00 is a very thorough kit to help anyone start anyone get started in the vital monitoring garment game.  This can open the door to many fitness and sporting tech garments.  It is always great when an industry leader can offer these kits to the general public.  Making it easier for new product design without wasting time reinventing the wheel is a huge help to start up textile designers.  It also promotes the future of intelligent clothing!