Fashionable Jeans Let You Text From Your Pocket


If you’ve ever been told to put your phone away, or wished there were a better way to text while having lunch (or checking your mobile at a meeting) then these pants are for you. DELTA415 jeans feature a clear thin plastic pocket that you can insert your mobile into and then text without ever taking your phone out. Of course, this is only applicable to smartphones, but it’s pretty neat for anyone who likes to text, tweet, or stay on their social 24/7. While these might sound like one of a kind, there are a couple of different versions including the Delta 415 for men and the Valencia for women which is actually a jegging with four way stretch. Yes, you can look good and text from your pants.


shop-imgs-touch-detailNamed after San Francisco’s area code (415) the Delta 415 pants are a tribute to the way that most of us spend much of our time either on a computer, or on a mobile. These pants feature a now patented smartphone pocket with zipper access. The pocket is ont eh upper side of the right thigh, allowing right handed people toe asily access and type on their phone while sitting down. The plastic cover can be used to type through without ever having to take the phone out. In addition, there is a second layer of pocket that can be zipped over the plastic layer to hide the mobile from view. A built in ring allows a pair of headphones to be run through the pocket so that the wearer can talk on the phone or listen to music with their phone in their pocket.

Delta415 come in Indigo blue and are straight leg pants for men. Sizes range from 28 to 38 and the maker, Alphyn, have included a size chart for anyone who isn’t sure about the make and model. Delta415 jeans cost $160, which is lower than many designer options.

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The women’s version of the smartphone jeans is actually a jegging and comes in sizes small through extra-large. Equipped with the same pocket and technology as the Delta415, these jeans are made of Denim twill and cut skinny. With stretch, they hug the curves to be as flattering and as fashionable as they are useful. The jeans are cut high for fashion and include a small hidden coin pocket just under the waistband. Valencia comes in multiple colors including blue, black, and crimson, and costs $88.

How it Works

The Delta415 and Valencia are made to feel and fit like standard jeans. Their first application is comfort which most men should be happy with. Their second application is to make technology more convenient via the ‘mobile pocket’. The plastic layer that can be used to type with is patented by Alphyn and is a very thin, flexible layer of plastic that allows you to use your touch screen through the pocket. This allows you to text, type, or browse the web when sitting down without taking your phone out.

While not the most useful bit of technology ever, these jeans are certainly worth considering for anyone who spends a lot of time on the phone. The pants are both fashionable and fun, and are definitely something unique.