Texting Jacket provides first responders with important information


ntnu texting jacket 1
The members of our society that respond first to huge disasters really are heroes in the truest sense of the word. They run headfirst into fires, hurricanes and a lot more just to save people(and sometimes cats.) They can use any and all help to make their jobs easier so that more lives can be saved. Thankfully, technology is on it like delicious mozzarella cheese on top of a pizza. Apologies to you vegans out there.

Introducing this life-saving jacket, which provides these responders with real-time texts which helps make their job easier. Knowing is half the battle, you know. Students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Department of Computer Information and Science have developed the jacket, which uses Bluetooth technology to make it all happen. It’s called the iDisaster and it displays information via scrolling screen on the arm and notifies the wearer of a new message with a simple vibration on the neck. The result? Information sped to the wearer as fast as technologically possible.

This is still in the concept phase but the creators hope that one day this technology leads to an always-connected cloud service exclusively designed for emergency response teams. Hands-free information available faster than ever before? That’s a tech-innovation we can all get behind! More on this innovative tech as this story develops.