Textile electronic


The current research indicates that wearable electronics will go much further than creating ‘just’ very small put still conventional electronic devices. Such small devices will not only be embedded on textile substrates, but the electronic device or system could become the fabric itself.

Electronic textiles will allow the design and production of a new generation of garments with distributed sensors and electronic functions throughout the garment. Such smart textiles will have the ability to sense, react, interact and store.

And the best part of this – it will become as cost effective to produce as it is the case with conventional textiles.

Those factors are not new to us here, we from talk2myShirt are 100% convinced that the time of Wearable Electronic for the consumer market will come very soon and we are lucky enough that this happens NOW.

Why the enthusiasm?

Researchers in Italy have developed an organic field effect transistor (OFET) fully compatible with textile processing techniques. Dr. Annalisa Bonfiglio at the University of Cagliari is working on the assembly of electronic devices and circuits on textile substrates. This can be done by following two alternative approaches: a “top down” one, consisting of assembling devices to transfer on textile substrates and a “bottom up” approach consisting of assembling an electronic fabric starting from electronically functionalized textile basic components.