Texas Researchers Create Battery Powered Invisibility Cloak


invisibility-1-537x402Being invisible is just about the coolest thing you could ever be. Besides helping you find an evil villain’s Horcruxes, you could hear what other people are saying about you when they think they are behind closed doors. Also, not that we condone this, stealing stuff would be an absolute breeze. In recent years, scientists have claimed to have finally cracked the invisibility code and teased us with all kinds of promises that have yet to come to fruition. Are you in the mood for another one? Of course you are. Here is a cloak that keeps you invisible by just using the humble battery as a power source.

Scientists at University of Texas at Austin are responsible for the creation of this battery powered invisibility cloak.  The team, led by Andrea Alù of the Cockrell School of Engineering, used high tech materials called metasurfaces that work to minimize light scattering. The result? Stuff hidden behind these materials end up being less visible. There are some conditions in which this method will not work, however. For instance, if you are standing in bright light with no clothes on, everyone will probably see you and laugh at you.

This technology is about as new as new gets so don’t go sleeping outside of your local invisibility cloak store looking to be the first kid on your block hidden from the rest of the kids on your block. The team still has a lot of testing to do and, even then, we aren’t sure if this tech would ever wind up in a consumer release. We’ll let you know, though.