Tespack Creates Line of Backpacks That Charges Gadgets With Solar Power


Man versus wild. It is a theme as old as themes themselves. We go outside to test our mettle, to see what we are made of, to fish and swig as many beers as we possibly can because there are no cars in the wilderness and therefore no incentive to drive drunk. In short, the great outdoors are called that for a reason! The only problem with escaping from society? Our gadgets that connect us to society need power. Trees, last we checked, do not come equipped with power outlets. Luckily, wearable technology is on the case. Backpacks are especially useful in this regard. Look here is whole line of them that charges your gadgets using the greatest power outlet of them all, the sun.

Finnish company Tespack have created a line of backpacks that come filled to the brim with solar panels. These panels, once filled with useable energy, can charge all of your gadgets on the fly. Laptop? No problem. Smartphone? No problemo. Google Glass? No, uh, another word that means the same thing. The company also sells specially shaped solar panels if you wanna turn an already owned backpack into a solar charging behemoth. Phew. Now we’ll never escape our precious Twitter feed again. We were getting worried there for a second.

These backpacks are available now and, as you can see from the photo, are proudly made in Europe. The only downside? They’ll set you back as much as $400. Hey, when you are alone in the woods being chased by grizzly bear zombies and you need to send out a quick Facebook “like” you’ll find that $400 well spent. Check out the catalog here.