Tesla App for Google Glass Lets Model S Owners Charge Their Cars on the Fly


It’s nearly 4th of July and what better way to celebrate the birth of America then by going over some wearable tech that effects our beloved automobiles? America has had a love affair with cars ever since Henry Ford started cranking out Model Ts in his garage or wherever he did that stuff. Muscle cars, convertibles, electric cars. The list goes on and on. The latter, however, is where most of the modern day innovation takes place. Gasoline is, so we hear, expensive and anything to cut down on that is welcome. On that note, Tesla automobiles has been selling a plethora of their completely electric Model S car. Now they have a Google Glass app to go along with it.

The simply named GlassTesla lets you use the eyewear device to complete a whole host of tasks with your Model S automobiles. You can keep track of its location via GPS(never forget your parking spot again.) You can unlock it via the app(never fiddle with keys as bloodthirsty zombies chase you again.) You can even set it charge remotely(never, uh, have it uncharged again.) It’s an extremely useful device to those of you who are rich enough to both be an early adopter of Google Glass and own a pricey Model S. That cross-section of people can’t be too large as of yet but we are sure as adoption rates for both items increase this app will find itself in more hands, or, eyes.

You can find out more, and actually download the app for free, by clicking here. Yay for automobile innovation!