TellSpec Scanner Tells You Exactly What is in Your Food


Eating is a fantastic way to spend your time. Is there anything better than hunkering down to consume a gigantic plate of pizza or fried chicken or, ugh, vegetables? No, there isn’t! The only downside being, of course, that when you eat an entire plate of anything you are often putting a whole lot of calories, sugar and other junk into your body. But there is no way to tell exactly how much, or when to stop, so we may as well just keep eating until we start to feel sick, right? Well, no, not quite. Now scientists have devised a way for us to actually know just how much damage we are doing to our slow and weary carcasses.

A Canadian startup has invented something called the TellSpec scanner. This device is essentially a tricorder for food. All you do is point it at whatever you are about to eat and it analyzes it to a tee and sends that information to your smartphone where you can peruse it in order to make a healthy choice or just ignore a possible healthy choice. It looks by beaming light at the grub, gathering data and then sending that data off to an analysis center. Said center then sends the appropriate data back, including what the ingredients are, how much of them are in it and the amount of calories and other odds and ends. It’s pretty darned cool, if you ask me(even though you didn’t.)

Even cooler, and more relevant to this site, the scanner can act as a keychain as well so it will always be on your person. It works with both iOS and Android devices and you can currently preorder one for around $320. Happy eating, guys.