Telephoto Lens Attachment Adds Optical Zoom to iPad


Taking photos with the iPad isn’t as convenient as taking a snapshot with, oh say, your smartphone or dedicated camera. But there are people out there that refuse to go along with society’s so-called “rules.” Company, Photojojo is right there with all you rebels (though they even admit “iPad photography can look a little silly”).

Photojojo is in the business of iAccessories, especially when it comes to enhancing the iPhone’s and iPad’s photographing capabilities. The company manufactures everything from lenses to tripods. But Photojojo isn’t completely Apple-centric, it does have a significant roster of Android add-ons as well.

Photojojo’s iPad Telephoto Lens helps you get closer to your subject matter without physically moving in and utilizing the iPad’s built-in digital zoom, which tends to pixelate images. Operating the device sounds simple enough, there’s a manual focus ring that you can turn to zoom in or out. The Telephoto Lens setup sounds equally easy, the lens unscrews from a mount attached to the iPad. It’s compatible with the iPad 3 and 4, which will accommodate a 10x optical zoom lens, and the iPad mini, which has the option of a 12x optical lens.

The quality of the lenses are uncertain, but if you’d like to try it out for yourself, it’ll only set you back $25. Item weight isn’t detailed on the website, so depending on its heft, the lens may unbalance your iPad significantly or not at all. Weight will also play a roll in how securely the device feels after it’s screwed into the mount—things to consider before purchasing an accessory like this one. The Telephoto Lens is currently available on Photojojo’s website.

Source: Ubergizmo