Telepathy One – A Google Glass Rival


Google Glass has not even been released to the general public yet, but already there are a number of competitors popping up. First there was the Baidu Eye, then rumors started spreading about a possible Microsoft product. The latest of these  is the Telepathy One, by Japanese entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi.

Telepathy One, is an augmented reality device. But unlike other augmented reality devices, the Telepathy One is not a set of glasses. Instead it is more of a headset. Rather than being shaped like a pair of glasses and having a bridge and two pieces that hold on to your ears, the Telepathy one wraps all the way around the head and has two pieces that hook on to your ear. You can even attach earbud like pieces to the headset in order to play music and other sounds.

The Telepathy One will be able to connect to your smart phone via bluetooth will be able to have video streamed directly to it from your phone. The device also has a camera built into it, and you can stream the video from this camera to your phone.

The devices specifications have yet to be released to the public, but the designer of the headset, Takahito Iguchi has said that the headset should be much less than Google Glass’ $1500. Many Google Glass competitors are aimed at providing a cheaper option.