Teen Invents Tiny Capacitor that Charges Phones in Thirty Seconds Flat


capacitor-1The thing about wearable technology is that most of it needs to be charged. The thing about stuff that needs to be charged is the charge tends to run out at the most inopportune moments imaginable. How many times has  your phone conked out about thirty seconds before you were expecting an important phone call? So far, the tech community have approached this problem with one giant, collective shrug. That’s because they don’t have the insanity of youth! Speaking of the youthful among us, a teenager just invented a new way to charge your smartphone and the rest of your wearable tech in thirty seconds flat. That’s thirty seconds as in half a minute. Wow.

Eighteen year old Eesha Khare has created a new kind of supercapacitor that does just that. It’ll charge modern smartphones in just around thirty seconds, and it will give older flip phones(for shame) a full charge in a few minutes. This is miles better than our current tech, which takes up to eight hours to complete charge. For her trouble she has won $50,000 from Intel. Something tells us here at Crunchwear that Intel will soon be adopting this design. They’d be stupid not to and, as everyone who watched TV in the 90s knows, Intel is not stupid. They are robots, or something.

This supercapacitor is also tiny, making it a perfect candidate to be installed in future wearable technology. Why, it’s barely the size of a fingernail. The charge it proves also lasts much longer than current charges, up to ten times as long actually. This is going to revolutionize how much time we spend doing meaningless things on our phones. Just how much Angry Birds can one man play? We are about to find out.